Location: North Gorley, The New Forest

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North Gorley, New Forest Driveway BeforeNorth Gorley, New Forest Driveway After


We have been working alongside our client Doug over the last year on a variety of projects. Two of which are detailed below. He has a fantastic vision and we enjoy helping achieve it.


  • Prevent flooding near the house by preventing water run-off from the road
  • Smarten up the driveway and parking area
  • Create a hoggin feature path to the west of the garden

Our Creation

  • Install raised, traditional style cobbles at both entrances. Each 5cm higher than the road surface and fully cemented in to withstand frequent vehicle movements
  • Formalise the central front lawn with a rustic, curved steel edge
  • Level dips within the driveway and on the slopes install a robust grid, to prevent gravel erosion
  • Spread gravel throughout the whole area for a fresh look
  • For the hoggin path we used the same steel edging as the front drive. We then used a self-binding gravel and cement mixture, over the top of type 1 aggregate, to create a robust and long lasting walkway
  • To provide added structure to the path we incorporated eight wooden arches, made from 4in x 4in timber
  • The pathway has been lined with a variety of grasses, verbena and digitalis